American Dreams

In 1776 the Americans gained their independence from the British. Most of the colonies had been formed around the eastern seaboard of the New World. This independence gave the citizens a new purpose and a will to seek out new territories to broaden their horizons. Many famous explorers such as Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark to name a few, forged passages through America from East to West. Wagon trains would move forever westward. Then came the railroads, opening up routes that took days instead of months to reach the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

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The American dream became a reality for many European Settlers, who had very little in wealth or possessions. Land was available to poor people who were prepared to work hard and forge a life in the U.S.A

The United States of America is a vast and diverse country. On our escorted tours you will discover the natural beauty of ever changing landscapes, from the raging torrents of Niagara Falls to the deepest red rock of the Grand Canyon and the highest peaks of the Mountains. From Active Volcanoes to serene lakes, with national parks of giant trees, bubbling mud pools, hot water springs and geysers, all these wondrous sites remain relatively unspoilt for us to enjoy today.

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There are so many famous iconic cities, just say their name and we all know something that will intrigue and inspire us to seek adventure. New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC and New Orleans are all metropolises of culture, music, art, museums, entertainment and a cuisine to suit all tastes.

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Since the inevitable visit to Disney World Florida many years ago, we have yearned to explore more of what this country has to offer as a tourist.  Year after year we spread our wings a bit further and with every visit our own journey of exploration came to life.  Our hunger for more of the sites, landmarks and even bigger vibrant cities grew until we had explored all of the 50 states and we are still finding new places to excite and enthral us. The landscape is indescribably beautiful and the wildlife is still in abundance in many states. We have found that the people are so friendly and hospitable.

You will be sure to enjoy one of our distinctively designed escorted tours which are ideal for small groups of 8 to 13 travellers, which enables the best experience possible. Come along with us to see most of the famous sites and landmarks that the USA has to offer.

One of our personal thrills is to escort people to the places we have visited over the years and hear the gasps of wonderment at the landscape or skyline ahead. Whether it be Songs of the South, Carved in Rock, West Coast Trail, Las Vegas and Canyonlands or New England, New York & Niagara Falls. Whichever tour you choose, we believe your memories of the places and experiences will stay with you forever.

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We hope that our enthusiasm and passion for touring the USA will be passed on to all who travel with us. You will be entertained, thrilled, amazed, resulting in a fascination with this fantastic country and Your American Dream will be fulfilled.

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Obviously we are British and proud to be so, but our visits to the USA grow longer and longer and we still get such a buzz.

Come and join us.

Phil & Lorraine Blissett

PL America Tours Ltd


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